Choosing the Right Bouquet

When sending flowers, you obviously want to send the right message. Different flowers have different meanings, drawn from the colors, shapes and the traditions in which they have been used.

Consider these two extremes; weddings and funerals. You obviously don’t want to go online, check off just any random flower for either of these occasions and send them off without a second thought. You have to send flowers that fit the tone of the occasion.

Romantic Flowers

These are perhaps the most common types of flowers to send; the ones you send to a romantic partner.

bouqettThis is so common that most people are fairly familiar with the go-to option; red roses. Roses symbolize passion because of their deep red color. They tend to be a pretty safe option when sending flowers to your significant other; but because of how closely they are tied to romance you probably don’t want to send them in any other circumstance.

Of course, some people shy away from roses purely because of how common they are. The good thing about sending flowers to your significant other is that most people have a favorite type of flower. The only trick to going with this option is to not make it too obvious that you are going to send flowers; so don’t ask what their favorite flower is right before sending them.

Trying to bring it up in conversation casually and then remember it for later. If you ask “what’s your favorite flower?” the day before Valentine’s she’ll know what you’re up to.

Sympathy Flowers

Knowing what kind of flowers to send for sympathy is important as this is such a popular gesture.

The most common flower sent for funerals is lilies. They are still elegant looking but their solid white color is solemn and relaxing instead of bright and exciting; making them more appropriate for the occasion. Other white flowers such as white roses are also an option.

Keep in mind that it will also depend on what kind of sympathy you want to extend. For instance, you may not want to send white lilies to someone who is recovering in the hospital as white lilies are sometimes associated with death; they are not an all-around insert for any type of sympathy. For someone on the road to recovery, it might actually be better to send something bright and colorful to lift their spirits.

Picture provided by trädgårdsvä

Picture provided by trädgårdsvä

Friendship Flowers

Sending flowers to friends or family for things like birthdays can feel a bit difficult. The main thing to keep in mind is to just avoid flowers that are closely tied to certain occasions; such as red roses or white lilies.

Bright and exciting flowers are often best for things like birthdays and graduations. If all else fails, you can always just send them their favorite type of flower. If you don’t know what their favorite flower is off the top of your head, you could always ask someone like their parents or romantic partner. Adding balloons is often appropriate for birthdays.

Seasonal flowers are suitable for almost any occasion so when making your choice consider a spring bouquet or Christmas poinsettia, depending on the time of year.

With a little thought you can make someone very happy by sending just the right type of bouquet.

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