Bouquet of Potted Flowers

Sending flowers is the perfect gift for many occasions. But you want to be careful you’re not sending the wrong message at the wrong time. Different flowers have different meanings and you want the right one for the right time.

The simple rose carries a multitude of meanings just by their color:

  • Red – Romance
  • White – Marriage, new beginnings
  • Yellow – Friendship
  • Pink – Love, appreciation
  • Orange – Passion, enthusiasm

Other popular flower meanings include:

  • Buttercup – Childhood, perfect for baby showers or the birth of a new child
  • Chrysanthemum – Abundance and wealth, perfect for graduations and bridal showers
  • Daffodil – Thank you or congratulations
  • Daisy – Kid’s parties or baby showers
  • Forget me Not – Wedding anniversaries
  • Hyacinth flower

    Hyacinth flower

    Hyacinth – Get well soon

  • Iris – Retirement party or get well soon
  • Lilac – Romance or weddings
  • Magnolia – Get well soon or a business gift
  • Orchid – Gift of love but not always romantic love
  • Pansy – Just because I’m thinking of you.
  • Petunia – Thank you for your kindness
  • Snap Dragon – Thank you
  • Yellow Tulips – Thanks for your support
  • Zinnia – Wedding showers

No matter what the flower means – the perfect flower to send is always the recipient’s favorite kind of flower. When you hear a girlfriend mention her favorite flower be sure and make a note because you won’t remember otherwise. You will make a huge impression by remembering these types of things.

If you don’t know the person’s favorite flower you can use their favorite color instead. Your mother might appreciate a birthday bouquet of flowers in various shades of purple if she loves that color.

Often a variety of flowers make the most beautiful arrangements. This is especially true if mixed with an array of greens or baby breath.

Ribbons and decorations can often be added to a bouquet of flowers to help signify a specific event.

Seasonal arrangements are often popular with bright spring colors or the vibrant earth tones of fall.

Remember, it’s not just the flowers that are important. The way the flowers are displayed are important, too. A crystal vase sends a different message than a plastic container. Ceramic vases come in a wide array of shapes and sizes for all occasions such as the birth of a baby. Something unique like a teapot can hold the bouquet but also be an additional gift to keep after the flowers have died.

Sometime you might want to give a potted plant instead of a flower arrangement. Fresh flowers will die quickly but a plant can live on for years.

Plants are popular for house-warming gifts because they grace the new home with beauty for years to come. They are also popular at funerals because they speak of life going on. A family can keep the plant long after the service is over as a sign of the support of family members and friends during this time of grief.

When purchasing flowers or plants you should spend some time looking over your options so you’ll know you’re sending the perfect choice for the occasion.

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