Alternatives to Sending Flowers

send-flowersIt’s easy to get sold on the benefits of sending flowers online; being able to send a gift anywhere, anytime is quite the luxury.

However, there is a slight holdup that could complicate things; not everyone likes flowers. And they’re not appropriate for everyone and every occasion.

The good news is that with the popularity of sending flowers online, many similar services with different options are starting to appear. Even many flower delivery services also offer other items besides flowers.

Benefits of Online Delivery Presents

It’s true you could go to a store, purchase a gift, buy a box, pack the gift carefully for shipping, and then take it to the post office. But that’s a lot of hassle.

Or you could find a place to purchase your gift online – even if it’s 1:00 in the morning on a Saturday night. You choose from a large selection of options, pay with your credit card, ask for it to be gift wrapped, write what you want to be put on the card and tell them where it should be sent. You’re done.

What Should I Send if I don’t want Flowers?

You’re no longer limited to sending flowers for special occasions. The options are endless.

While flowers are the most popular options; sweets tend to be a close runner-up. This ranges from chocolates to cakes. Most everyone loves them and they’re easier to share at big occasions like parties and weddings; so they tend to be a pretty safe and enjoyable option.

Lots of flower companies have the option of sending simple chocolates or candies with flowers, or even just sending them as an alternative.

Gift baskets are available from many online stores. These can include cheese, crackers and wine or a wide assortment of cookies. Jams and jellies are another popular choice.

wedding-flowersOther baked goods like cookies and pies are also an option. Cupcakes are currently very popular and come in a wide variety of flavors.

Fruit bouquets are also becoming increasingly popular. Fruit can be cut in a variety of artistic ways so they are as beautiful as they are delicious. Most of us have that one friend who will not touch desserts no matter what, so fruit can be a healthy alternative when cakes and chocolates are not an option.

For tea or coffee lovers you can send an assortment of flavors along with a fancy mug.

If you’re sending a present to a child a basket with small toys, stuffed animals or coloring books is always a fun gift. These are perfect for a child’s birthday.

You might send a top hat filled with small magic tricks to a child stuck in the hospital. It will help them pass the time away while they amaze their nurses with magic.

Another child might love a box filled with Pokémon cards or a stuffed Pikachu.

For book lovers a basket or box filled with romance novels or cozy mysteries might be the perfect gift.

The options are limited only by your imagination and how well you know your gift recipient.

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